Njivice, island of Krk

Njivice, once fishing village now is a wonderful seaside resort visited from the tourist from whole Europe.
Njivice dates from the ancient Romans time. In the year 2006 the archeologist on the site "Poje" found late antique Villa Rustica probably dating from the 5th century. The site "Poje" is situated on the main beach, close to the local church made on the ruins of "Villa Rustica".

There are some artefacts found in area surrounding the church, dating from the 9th century like board fragment with interlaced ornaments, stored above the parish church altar today. In the near town Omisalj, 6 km from Njivice was ancient Roman Town dating from the 4 or 5 century.

Now there are 2 hotels, few good restaurants with domestic food, little caffe bars on the beach and free playgrounds for the children.

The most atracting is natural beauty with rich vegetation and beautiful natural beaches. The vegetation which provides fresh air during the hot summer days and nights. In fact, the nights are fresh and warm but never too hot.
Only 4 km outside the place there is a little lake with potable water.

On the coast there are a few restaurants and café bars but no discothéque which makes it as a quiet and safe place.
This does not mean that Njivice is a boring place because there is discothéque "Crossroad" only 3 kilometers away. Also in the next place Malinska, direction south, approximately 6 km from Njivice there are some night and cocktail bars.

Furthermore, in the place there are a few free playgrounds for the basketball, football and volleyball. There is possibility to enjoy in the water sports like skiing, riding the tubes, banana, jet-ski and parachute.

Tourists can also play tennis, table tennis, rent a bike, motorbike or take a tour around the island of Krk with four-wheeler motorbike "Quad" or ride a horse around the "Lake Njivice".